One of the main things to think about when planning a wedding


Do you or don't you? Wedding lists and gift registries have only existed since the 1920s, but the idea has evolved over time to include just about anything, from toasters and tea sets to plane tickets and monetary gifts. Yet for some, the mere mention of a wedding list can cause embarrassment for the bridal couple. 

In order to ease and facilitate the situation, most retailers offer a gift registry service giving useful tips to steer couples and their guests in the right direction for the big day. Advice on how to compile a list that will ensure you receive everything you need for your new home is crucial. It has been proven time and time again that a wedding list was the best choice both for the bridal couple as well as a relief to the guests when choosing a present for them. A registry also keeps track of who bought what (in case a card goes missing from a gift) and reduces the chance of receiving duplicate presents. Even if you already have all the houseshold items you need, it is still a good idea to register somewhere: guests who would like to buy you a gift often find such guidance helpful.

Choosing a wedding list may also be time consuming, so be prepared to allow yourselves time and choice before collating the full list. In order to have the desired dinner service and/or other choices in stock by the time the invitations are out, it is wise to do this three months prior to the wedding date. Certain manfacturers will require such time frame as the intricate items on the fine bone china services are commissioned and specific to the individual order. 

It is wise to have a diversified list of items on your list at different prices in order to fit in with the budget set out by the individual guest. Most retailers will offer the services of a wedding list online, so look out for the way the service is offered to enhance a simple way to purchase a present from the comfort of your guests home. Make sure that you choose a reliable shop that will automatically update your list every time a purchase is made. They will be in a position to advise you when you are running low on items on your list and ask you if you would like to add more items to accomodate your guests’ purchases. The bride should be updated regularly on all purchases thus enabling the thank you list to be followed through easily. 

THE HOUSE SHOP INTERIORS has been helping couples create and manage their wedding list for over fifteen years - giving our couples a vast choice of gifts, a service that is quick and easy for them and their guests to use, and a personal advisor who will answer all their questions and take care of the rest.  ( The service is free of charge to you and your guests. As a gesture of good will THE HOUSE SHOP INTERIORS offers you a 10% gift voucher to the value of your wedding gifts, for you to spend on any additional purchases you make in the future. 

It is important that a bridal table is set up for those that wish to visit the shop of choice and place the order personally. Depending on one’s personal wish, presents may be delivered before or after the wedding, make sure you specify this when preparing the wedding list. The request is left entirely to the wishes of the bridal couple.

A happy future together in a home that will grow and flourish will be in store after all the great events and big travels, so choosing the right store is key to have everything under one roof in order to achieve an ongoing beautiful and harmonious home.